Birth school

We organize birth school classes in Polish language but if you’re interested we can provide individual meetings in English at your home or our place at Niepodległości Street in Poznań.

We offer the following topics:

Yes, YOU can do it!

Are you pregnant and afraid of childbirth? Would you like to give birth naturally (and maybe even at home)? Are you wondering how to recognize the first symptoms that indicate THIS IS HAPPENING FOR REAL? Would you like to have a positive attitude to this event, but there are not enough people around who have positive labor stories behind?

If so, this meeting is for you (and for your husband / partner too!).

During this workshop:

  • you will familiarize yourself with the subject of childbirth,
  • you will believe in your strength, intuition and the happy finale,
  • you will learn what are the stages of delivery and how to recognize them,
  • you will learn the secrets of natural birth, as well as home,
  • you will learn how to write birth plan,
  • you will be told about hospital procedures and common interventions,
  • you will talk to an experienced doula, who will infect you with his enthusiasm 🙂

Expert – Alicja Nowaczyk – doula

Does it really hurt so much?

It is a workshop focussing on the sense of birth pain and non-pharmacological methods of pain relief.

During this workshop:

  • you understand the meaning of pain during childbirth,
  • you will learn the mechanisms of hormones that control the childbirth action,
  • you will learn about non-pharmacological methods of pain relief, including vertical positions, massage, use of Rebozo, aromatherapy,
  • you will look at the TENS device,
  • you will learin about the role of your partner/husband or doula during delivery,
  • you will learn about the pharmacological methods of pain relief used at hospitals in Poznań and their possible consequences,

After the meeting:

  • your fear of childbirth will be significantly reduced,
  • you will start thinking about contractions with more sympathy ????
  • instead of the word „pain”, you will also start using other words such as a contraction or wave ????
  • you will feel that you can give birth 🙂

Expert – Alicja Nowaczyk – doula

Postpartum period

During the meeting there will be described the following elements:

  • psychical and emotional elements of postpartum period,
  • helpful accessories,
  • common problems,
  • organization of life during the first weeks after delivery.

Expert – Alicja Nowaczyk – doula

Milk path doesn’t have to be rough

During the workshop:

  • you will learn the elements that affect a good start in breastfeeding,
  • you will learn about the amazing composition of breast milk and benefits of breastfeeding,
  • you will learn what to do in the case of the most common difficulties and where to find the professional help,
  • you will face the myths about breastfeeding,
  • you will know what are the determinants of proper feeding of an infant and how to be sure, that my baby is really full?
  • you will look at different positions for nursing and maybe even try to do it with a doll 🙂
  • you will look at the breast pump, silicone cap, breast shell and the cut syringe, and even the artificial breast ????
  • During the workshop you will also learn what BLW stands for and what you will face when expanding your child’s diet.

Expert – Ewa Masełkowska – International Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC)

In case of any questions do not hesistate to contact us:

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